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Google Workspace Pricing


Google Workspace set up

Includes domain verification, creation of user accounts, configuration of your Domain Name System (DNS), including mail exchange (MX) records, custom shortcuts (CNAMES) for email, calendar and drive (documents), advanced security with Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) & Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC). Optionally included upon request (when you place your order) you may also have twenty minutes of telephone support with a Google Certified Deployment Specialist at no additional cost.



Business Starter

Includes 30 gigabytes of storage space/user, built in encryption, spam filtering, admin console, Google Mail (Gmail), 100 participant video meetings, Google Contacts, Google Chat, Google Calendar, Google Drive (Google Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations), Google Groups, Google Sites, etc. with 24/7 email & telephone support, 99.9% uptime guarantee and no advertising.



Business Standard

Includes everything in Business Starter, plus 2 TB cloud storage per user, 150 participant video meetings + recording, shared Drives, and more.



Business Plus

Includes everything in Business Standard, 5 TB cloud storage per user, 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, eDiscovery, retention, enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management, and more.


Automatic Contact List Updating Service

Intelligently scans your incoming email & auto-enriches contact details in your address book and CRM. Import individual contacts automatically in your Chrome browser. Just highlight any text (an email, Linkedin contact info, contact details on a website) and then click to save this information directly to your address book (Google Contacts, Salesforce or Evernote), or download it as a vCard for any other contact management application (Apple address book, Outlook, Thunderbird etc).


$5 / user / month

Google Voice

Kiss your old PBX goodbye along with its expensive hardware and maintenance costs. Upgrade your team to a modern, cloud based, artificially intelligent business phone system that integrates voice with chat & video so your team can work from their existing devices. You get advanced features of a modern PBX system without buying any hardware. 


 $10 / user / month *

 $20 / user / month *

 $30 / user / month *

* plus taxes & fees

Telephone or video support


$  125 / hour

first 2 minutes free,

then $20 minimum



Google Certified Deployment Specialist on site

$150 / hour + cost of travel

Migrate old Email to Gmail

Includes migration of email messages & attachments from MAPI or IMAP compatible email servers (or from PST files) to Google's servers, including all message folders. There is an optional charge to migrate other data types like contacts, calendars, and files. We can also assist with self service migrations.


$  125 / hour

Domain Name Registration


$15 / year

Domain Name Transfer


Google Message Encryption

$35 / user / year

(100 user minimum)

Introduction to Google Drive

$ Free

Google Drive Storage Licenses

020 GB: $       48 / year
050 GB: $       90 / year
200 GB: $     210 / year
400 GB: $     420 / year
001 TB: $  1,068 / year
002 TB: $  2,148 / year
004 TB: $  4,296 / year
008 TB: $  8,592 / year
016 TB: $17,160 / year

Blackberry Enterprise Server

$1,500 / 250 users

Active Directory Sync Setup

$750 / domain controller

Google Sites Intranet Creation

includes site mapping and a simple template based private website (intranet) using your content. The simple content management system included with Google Sites allows most people to modify a Google Site and add new pages without hiring a webmaster, and remote audiovisual support is available at additional cost. This is a great option for intranets, sole proprietors, or very small businesses that don't require high performance websites. These sites are hosted by Google for free!

Ultra Fast, Ultra Secure Website Creation and Management

Websites built with outdated software like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Squarespace or Wix are extremely vulnerable and easy to hack. To eliminate these and other problems, we rebuild those sites with modern lanugages, static site generators, and modern content management systems, then serve them via a geographically distributed network. The results are ultra fast, ultra secure, reliable websites that improve domain reputation and search ranking. Learn more...

$99 plus $99 / page




$2,500 and up

Training for Administrators

$125 / hour

Chromebooks integrated with Google Workspace

A new type of laptop for everyday use with 8+ hours of battery life, designed to help get things done faster and easier. Boots in 7 seconds, requires almost no care, and keeps getting faster & better over time with automatic updates from Google every 6 weeks. Stop worrying about backups, virus software, maintenance, and expensive, unreliable computers today. Our current favorite model is the HP Chromebook x360.


$50 / year

Messaging applications: Gmail, Chat, Meet, Google Calendar and Google Groups

Gmail storage

30 GB/user

Interoperability with Microsoft Outlook email and calendar


Sync with Blackberry Enterprise Server


Easy contacts management


Mobile email, calendar and IM access


Email security, powered by Google


Gmail ads can be disabled


Resource scheduling in Google Calendar


Mailing list functionality and easy content sharing with groups


Collaboration applications: Google Drive, Sites, and Video for Work

Google Drive storage

5 GB/user for file storage

Google Sites storage

10 GB plus 500 MB/user

Google Video for Work offers private, secure video sharing


Google Workspace Script


Support and reliability

24/7 phone and email support for critical issues


99.9% uptime guarantee SLA*


Synchronous replication


Self-service online support


Increased security

SSL enforcement for secure HTTPS access


Customizable spam filtering


Customize password strength requirements


Email routing and email gateway support


Customizable policies to filter email containing sensitive information


Email encryption using standard TLS protocols


Migration and integration tools

Manage multiple domains from one Google Workspace account


Email migration tools and API


Directory sync with LDAP systems


Email routing and email gateway support


Single sign-on API


User and group provisioning API