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G Suite News

This official feed from the G Suite team provides essential information about new features and improvements for G Suite customers.
  1. We're introducing new features in Google Vault that allow for more granular retention and provide a more transparent search experience. These features can help you retain exactly the data you need and thereby reduce your liability risk, as well as improve your eDiscovery process with better search and export capabilities.

    Set retention policies for Hangouts Meet recordings
    Previously, Hangouts Meet recordings were subject to applicable Drive retention rules. With this launch, you can set default and custom retention rules specifically for Hangouts Meet. This will allow you to set shorter retention periods for Meet recordings if, for example, they happen to contain more sensitive content.

  2. Earlier this month, we announced interoperability with SIP/H.323 standards based video conferencing systems and Skype for Business in Hangouts Meet through the Pexip Infinity Platform.

    You can now enable this feature in the Admin console at Apps > G Suite > Google Hangouts and checking the box for “Turn on interoperability with other systems" under “Meet Settings.” After the feature is enabled and a token is generated, you will need a license from Pexip for the solution to work.

    For complete instructions on enabling third-party interoperability and more information, visit the Help Center.

    Launch Details
  3. As a reminder, the automatic migration tool to transfer Google Sites from classic Sites to new Sites will start rolling out to end users on June 19. The tool makes it quicker and easier to move sites created in classic Sites to new Sites.

    The tool automatically creates a draft of a classic site in new Sites. This new draft site will have the updated look and feel of new Sites, and contain the content from the classic site. When the new site is ready to go live, it can either be published to the URL of the classic site (to replace the original site and automatically redirect viewers), or published to a new URL.

    For full details on the tool and how it works, see our announcement for the admin preview of the tool. You can also use our Help Center to find out more about ...
  4. To help Google Forms users create more personalized surveys, feedback forms, quizzes, and more, we’re introducing new theme customization options. Specifically, you can now choose colors and fonts to theme your form. This has been a top feature request from our users, who have asked for more options to create forms that match their organization or team branding. We hope these options help you build forms that look and feel just right.

  5. Over the past year, we’ve announced that Jamboard, our cloud-based, collaborative whiteboard, is available for purchase in an ever-growing list of countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, and select parts of Europe. We’re now expanding that list further, bringing Jamboard to Australia and New Zealand.

    G Suite customers in Australia and New Zealand can now purchase Jamboard for $7,999 (AUD), which includes two styluses, an eraser, and a wall mount. See the table below
  6. Notifications are only useful if you have time to read them—and if you’re being notified hundreds of times a day, chances are, you don’t. That’s why we’re introducing a feature that alerts you only when important emails land in your Gmail inbox, so you know when your attention is really required.

    Gmail iOS app with option to get notifications for high-priority emails only
  7. We’re giving G Suite admins more visibility into which computers are being used to access their corporate data and apps through a new feature called “Endpoint Verification.”

    Endpoint Verification collects information via Chrome extensions and native apps on users’ devices, and displays that information to admins in a new report in the Admin console. It’s a lightweight and easy solution for desktop and laptop device reporting, and we hope this visibility empowers admins to maintain a strong security posture for their organization.

    Endpoint Verification report provides desktop device information 

    Endpoint Verification adds a new view in the Admin console. Once it is set up on user devices (see below), admins will be able to see:

    • An inventory of desktop and laptop devices within the enterprise that access corporate
  8. (Cross-posted from The Keyword)

    It’s easy to get used to doing things a certain way. This can be a good thing if you're prepping for the World Cup, where process, repetition and routine can make you a champion. But if you're like the rest of us who rely on certain workflows to get things done at work—like budgeting or filing expenses—“trusting the process” doesn’t always feel rewarding.

    Today, we’re making App Maker generally available to help you rethink how your teams operate. App Maker is G Suite’s low-code application development environment that makes it easy for teams to build custom apps to speed up workflows and make processes better.

    Apps to fill business gaps, built for your needs

    Analysts estimate that the right custom mobile app can ...
  9. Earlier this year, we introduced an all-new version of Tasks―where you can keep track of your daily tasks, organize multiple lists, and track important deadlines with mobile and web applications―to the G Suite product offering. On June 28, 2018, Tasks will launch as a standalone G Suite core service. Since Tasks was previously available as a feature of Gmail and Calendar to all domains, Tasks will launch ON by default, but it can be turned off at any time in the Admin console under Apps > G Suite.

    As a G Suite core service, Tasks will be covered under your existing G Suite agreement and will offer the same technical support and service level commitments as any ...
  10. In January 2017, we announced some changes to the Gmail routing settings in the Admin console. For technical reasons, some of these changes were delayed past the originally communicated date and are now launching this month.

    Convert old Gmail routing settings now

    Going forward, your remaining Sending routing, Receiving routing, Catch-all address, and Domain-level routing settings are read-only. These settings are still active, but in order to make changes, you need to click the
  11. At InfoComm in Las Vegas last week, we announced our partnership with Pexip to allow seamless compatibility between Hangouts Meet and other video conferencing systems like Skype for Business, Polycom, and Cisco. With this new interoperability, your team can walk into a meeting room outfitted with Hangouts Meet hardware and join a call with clients, vendors, or partners joining from another platform.

    In addition to being compatible with other video conferencing software, it’s important that your meeting rooms are compatible with the hardware you need for your meetings. That’s why we’ve created a peripheral qualification program featuring cameras,
  12. In 2014, we introduced Material Design, a visual language that helps developers create intuitive and beautiful products. Since then, we’ve steadily updated our G Suite apps to adhere to Material principles. Next week, we’ll bring this same design to Google sign-in screens.

    Starting on June 14th, 2018, you may notice that when you sign in to your G Suite account, the screen looks slightly different. Some of the changes will include tweaks to the Google logo, an outline around the text field, and center alignment of all items on the screen. See below for before and after images.

  13. We’re adding new controls to adjust the size and position of shapes, images, text boxes, and more in Google Slides. This builds on our launch from April, when we added guide and ruler features to give you more control over object positions and text alignment. Together these features provide precise control over slides and enable the design of more attractive and effective presentations. The new options allow users to:

    • Set exact size by numeric value or percentage scale 
    • Adjust object position on a slide 
    • Rotate by flipping horizontally or vertically, or setting a precise rotation angle 

    Know when everyone has declined a Google Calendar event
    Your time at work is important—we want to help you effectively manage that time with Calendar. In addition to scheduling and joining meetings, it’s important that you know when to cancel or reschedule meetings with low attendance, so you can take back time. That’s why we’re now indicating to Calendar users when their meetings won’t be attended by anyone else and helping them take action.

    Without having to go into an event’s details, or watch your inbox for RSVP responses, you can now see beforehand when everyone else declined the meeting. We’ll show an indication on the event, flagging to you that all guests have declined.

    Image displaying the visual indication that everyone has</a></div></div>...							</div>
													<h3 class= Google Mobile Management support for Hangouts Meet on iOS
    On June 19th, 2018, Google Mobile Management will begin rolling out support for Hangouts Meet on iOS. Currently, G Suite users in domains with advanced mobile device management enabled can use the Hangouts Meet iOS app without first installing the device policy profile. Following the launch, these users will be required to install the device policy profile (if they haven’t already) in order to continue using Hangouts Meet on their iOS devices.*

    *Users in domains with basic mobile device management enabled won’t be required to install the device policy profile;

  14. ...
  15. We recently introduced an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for the new Gmail, with new capabilities like Gmail offline and nudging. To prepare you and your organization for the general availability (GA) launch, we’re providing additional details on the rollout schedule below.

    New Gmail launching to GA in July 2018
    At the moment, the new Gmail is an EAP, and customers can choose to participate (or not) at the domain and organizational unit levels. After the new Gmail launches to GA in July 2018, G Suite admins will have the following
  16. (Cross-posted from The Keyword)

    The average employee uses 36 cloud services at work to collaborate or share files. That’s more apps than hours in
  17. From creating team mailing lists to processing support tickets to hosting internal discussions, many organizations use Google Groups to connect and collaborate in the workplace. But as with any communication tool, it’s important that your settings deliver the right balance between sharing and security.

    By default, Google Groups are set to private; there have been a small number of instances, however, where customers have accidentally shared sensitive information as a result of misconfigured Google Groups privacy settings. That’s why it’s important to understand how you can tailor the privacy configurations of Google Groups to align with your organization’s policies. Details of how to do this are part of our comprehensive security best practices for G Suite, which we’ve discussed in previous ...
  18. We’re introducing new features to provide more insight and help you collaborate through Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This will help make the data in Activity dashboard:

    • More actionable. Users can quickly email file collaborators. 
    • More useful.Users can see viewing patterns over time. 

    Email collaborators through Activity dashboard 

    In just a few clicks, users can pick recipients, customize, and send a follow-up email with the link to the file. Users can:

    • Select who to email. There are shortcuts for collaborators who have viewed the file or have not viewed the file, or you can pick recipients manually with checkboxes (see image below
  19. In August 2017, we announced a feature that made it even easier to join a Google Calendar meeting using a CalDAV-based third-party calendaring client. We’ve heard from you that this functionality is helpful and you’d like to see it expanded to more calendaring clients. That’s why now, whenever someone uses G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, Google Sync, or a third-party Android client that relies on Calendar Provider to access an event on Google Calendar, we’ll add automatically generated text to the event’s description. This text will include instructions on how
  20. There are many reasons why you’d need to make an edit to a meeting, and we’re now making it easier to communicate those changes. Going forward, when you change or delete an existing meeting, you’ll see a dialog box where you can enter a message for other guests of the meeting.

  21. This March, we announced several new features to help G Suite customers stay secure. Among those were new controls to help users safeguard highly sensitive content in Team Drives. These controls are now launching to all G Suite Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains.

    Admin controls will start rolling out to all domains today. End user controls are launching to rapid release domains in one week and scheduled release domains in three weeks. Initially the feature is only available for Google Drive on the web (drive.google.com). See below for more details.

    User settings to safeguard Team Drive files 

    With this feature, users* can modify the settings for any Team Drive to specify whether the files in that Team
  22. Last year, we introduced a new resource for admins: What’s new in G Suite? Don’t forget to visit the page regularly for a list of the most recent launches across G Suite.

    Feedback? Let us know.
  23. In March 2017, we announced Hangouts Meet, the next generation in enterprise video meetings. After continued positive feedback from our customers who have begun using Meet, starting May 29th, we’ll enable Hangouts Meet for all G Suite domains that are automatically upgrading on Google’s recommended schedule. This means that all newly created Google Calendar events will contain Meet video meeting details. Previously created meetings will not be impacted with this change.