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Priority Inbox


What's your email inbox type? Many people are uncomfortable with their inbox. Most use Outlook or Google mail. Both list messages in the order received, but there's a better way! Want to see your important messages first? The same service that powers the world's best spam filter can also help organize you. The first step to organize your inbox is to try a different inbox type. Just beneath Google mail’s compose button, hover over the "Inbox" label and tap on the black triangle to the right. Try selecting Important first, which identifies and separates important incoming messages. After a quick refresh your messages split into two sections: Important and Everything else. You may notice the number of unread messages drops. That's because that number now only reflects messages that are both unread and important.

The result is a more organized inbox with your important messages on top. Google mail ranks messages based on your contacts, who you’ve written to and which keywords appear in messages. You can help train your inbox to classify messages better by clicking importance markers to the right of your star markers. A  Yellow importance marker gold marker means a message is important. An Empty importance marker empty marker means a message is not important. To learn why a message ranks as important, hover over the marker to see the main reason. If Google mail mistakes a message as important or doesn’t mark one that’s important to you, teach it to make better selections. Just mark the message to move it to the correct section. Over time Google mail will use your feedback to learn what’s important to you. The more you use this feature, the more accurate importance ranking will become. For even more control, try Priority Inbox, which is like Important first and also offers two more sections. You may also synchronize your mobile device to your preferred inbox type. This lets you focus on important messages, saves time, keeps you organized, and helps you feel more comfortable with your inbox.

Why Use Google Cloud?


The tools your team use effect efficiency and customer experience, and Google's G Suite is the best choice. Easy to use and manage, they allow your team to work smarter and focus on people instead of technology. Google Cloud & G Suite cost 20% to 70% less than Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Novell Groupwise or Lotus Notes.

Surprisingly, lower cost is not the best reason to switch; Google Cloud & G Suite just work better. Migrating to this best-in-class, all-in-one solution organizes you, your team, and your business. Its an easy way to boost efficiency and lower costs. Over five million businesses and 60% of the Fortune 100 have gone Google! Over 5,000 switch every day:

  • Be productive with any device
  • Be productive from anywhere
  • 24x7 email & phone support
  • No more software to install
  • No more software to patch
  • 100% web-based solution
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unified communication
  • Continuous innovation
  • Improve collaboration
  • Designed for teams
  • Control your inbox
  • Improve security
  • Get less spam
  • Get organized
  • Reduce cost

What is Google Cloud?


Google Cloud & G Suite are Google's business services. These are 100% web based solutions to help your team get work done together from anywhere on any device.

You get professional email, customized for your Company. Everyone gets an address @company.com so you can build your brand with customers and promote your website with every email message. You get tightly integrated contacts, calendars, documents, sheets, slides, presence, chat, voice, and video calls, all enhanced with artificial intelligence. Google Search is baked in to help you find any message, contactfile or calendar event in seconds. Your spam free inbox can even prioritize your most important messages automatically. Whether you're a team of one or one thousand, it's the best set of simple, powerful business tools available.

How do we start?


Starting is easy. Click or call for simple, straight-forward answers to your questions. Once you've decided to switch, new businesses can start using Google Cloud & G Suite in about an hour. Businesses with under 20 to 30 users can migrate over a weekend, and larger businesses generally migrate over a few weeks or months with a phased deployment plan based on business size, complexity, and legacy infrastructure. Try G Suite for free, with easy-to-use integrated training lessons. You and your team will love it!

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