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Google Voice

If your work days are filled with email, text, voice, messenger, chat & tweets, you know more channels make it harder to stay connected & organized. There are more phone numbers than people in the world, so voice communication is still the most universal way to connect. Combining communication channels is a great way to improve efficiency, and now you can integrate SMS, chat, voice, video, and calendar by adding Google Voice to Google Workspace.

This means getting rid of all your on premise legacy telephony hardware (unless you want to keep a traditional phone on your desk). Google Voice is an easy to deploy, easy to administer, easy to use voice solution that makes calls easier. Make and receive calls with your work number on any device. Focus on what's important while staying connected on deskphones, smartphones, and the web. Powerful artificial intelligence filters out spam calls & transcribes voicemail.

Gain control of your most valuable resource; your time. Even telephone number porting is integrated and streamlined. Stop spending time managing multiple vendor contracts and streamline your operations with the unified communications of Google Workspace and Google Voice.

Why Google Workspace?


The tools your team use effect efficiency and customer experience. Google Workspace is the best choice. Easy to use and manage, Google's suite of web based applications allow your team to work smarter and focus on people and process instead of technology. Google Workspace is everything you need to get anything done. It also costs 20% to 70% less than Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Novell Groupwise or Lotus Notes.

Surprisingly, lower cost is not the best reason to switch; Google Workspace just works better. Migrating to this best-in-class, all-in-one solution organizes you, your team, and your business. Its an easy way to streamline your business process, boost efficiency and lower costs. Over six million businesses and 60% of the Fortune 100 have gone Google! Over 5,000 switch every day:

  • Be productive with any device
  • Be productive from anywhere
  • 24x7 email & phone support
  • No more software to install
  • No more software to patch
  • 100% web-based solution
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unified communication
  • Continuous innovation
  • Improve collaboration
  • Designed for teams
  • Control your inbox
  • Improve security
  • Get less spam
  • Get organized
  • Reduce cost

What is Google Workspace?


Google Workspace is Google's business service. It is a set of web based apps that help people collaborate better. As it is a 100% web based workspace, employees, contractors, vendors and customers all get work done easily from anywhere on any device.

You get professional email, customized for your Company. Everyone gets an address to build and promote your brand with every message sent. You get tightly integrated email, contacts, calendars, documents, sheets, slides, tasks, chat, spaces, sites and meet, all enhanced with artificial intelligence to work together seamlessly. Google Search is baked in to help you find any message, contactfile or calendar event in seconds. Your spam free inbox can even prioritize your most important messages automatically. Whether you're a team of one or one thousand, it's the best set of easy to use, powerful business tools available.

How do we start?


Starting is easy. Click or call for easy to understand answers to your questions. Once you've decided to switch, new businesses can start using Google Workspace in about an hour. Businesses with under 20 users often migrate in about a week, and larger businesses generally migrate over a few weeks or months with a custom phased deployment plan based on the number of users, and the complexity of their legacy infrastructure. Try Google Workspace for free to see how easy it is to use. You and your team will love Google Workspace!