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Google Workspace Training Lessons


Empower users to transition to Google Workspace comfortably with a comprehensive knowledge base of short, concise audiovisual clips. Lessons are built on the fundamentals of adult learning theory and are presented in an easy to understand, step by step format. Each course of lessons is indexed, so it's easy to find or return to any desired lesson. Users remain productive with minimum down time while learning, and become more comfortable with Google Workspace in less time. Users report they feel more confident as the lessons make them self sufficient and able to learn at their own pace. Organizations that use these training lessons see about 35 percent higher adoption across Google Workspace services, meaning those organizations are more likely to be productive, collaborative and embrace digital transformation.

Audiovisual training lessons are available free of charge with your Google Workspace licenses, and include unlimited access. This means easy 24/7 access to high quality training and the ability to quickly and easily learn and use new features & techniques without consulting live support or burdening co-workers. Users may return to any lesson at any time to reinforce their skills, and each user's progress is visible to both users and their administrator(s).