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Google has announced a new initiative, Google for Entrepreneurs, designed to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship worldwide by supporting entrepreneurs in local communities. The initiative will serve as the umbrella for several dozen programs and partnerships involving Google that support startups and entrepreneurs. For more on these existing programs and to stay connected on upcoming events

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International Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi Goes Google

With almost 100,000 E-mail messages at risk on an aging server, AEPi went live with Google Apps today, unifying staff and volunteers while reducing their risk and budget

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This week, Google launched the first set of Google+ features designed specifically for the enterprise. What launched? The features launched begin to address the top requests from our partners and customers, including more ways to control the content employees post and more ways to make Hangouts great for productive meetings from anywhere. You can preview

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Automatic deletion of file versions

Traditionally we were taught to back up, back up, back up our files. Fortunately, with Google Apps, everything is backed up for us. The result can be a huge number of file versions, some of which may be safely deleted. Google Drive greatly simplifies version control, and to make more efficient use of the space in your Drive archive, Google has changed the default behavior

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