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What kind of Google storage are you using for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos? If you're using Google for a business, the answer matters! G Suite (Basic, Business, and Enterprise) customers might not realize that there are two different kinds of storage available. Either way, Google definitely does not own your data.

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Hangouts Meet is Google's new video meeting experience that makes joining meetings effortless.

It helps people be as productive as they are when they’re face-to-face.

If you're already using G Suite Basic or G Suite Business,

you already have access to this new service

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Administration of your Organization's Calendars just got more powerful.

Now you can delegate control of the Calendar Resources section and the Calendar Settings section of the Admin Console via a new predefined administrator role just for calendars.

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Google Keep has been around since 2013, and today, Keep has become a G Suite core service with Admin console controls and access in Google Docs

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Work is about gettering things done. Most people use a "to do" list to stay organized. Google Apps includes a task list that never worked very well. The good news is that Google now offers a long overdue and much better feature to replace your antiquated task list. It's called simply "Reminders". You may be familiar with Reminders if you've tried "Inbox" by Google on your phone. Reminders now works on both your mobile device and your big screen. Reminders are like events, except they roll over until you mark them "Done". Learn how to update Tasks to Reminders with just two clicks:

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