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New! Interactive Audiovisual Google Hangouts Training Lessons We now offer a full suite of Google Hangouts training lessons which cover topics ranging from text chat to video meetings to creating conference calls. The training is accessible within the English Gmail interface. Additional languages will become available in the coming months. Here is a full list of Hangouts training topics:

Introduction to Hangouts What is Google Hangouts? Introduction to the Hangouts interfaces Using Chat Hangouts Introduction to using Hangouts Access Hangouts from Gmail Control who can send you a Hangout request Invite someone to Hangout Invite multiple people to Hangout Send or receive a text message Send an image or video Send or receive an emoji Turn Hangout history on or off Archive a Hangout Delete a Hangout Block or unblock a person Using Video Hangouts Introduction to video Hangouts Getting set up for a video Hangout Invite a person to a video Hangout Add more people to a video Hangout Add a phone call to a Hangout Using group text chat in a video Hangout Mute or unmute yourself Mute another participant Ignore another participant Disable or enable your Camera Adjust bandwidth usage Change the active video Share your screen Capture the Hangout Share a YouTube video Add additional Hangout apps Using Hangouts for phone calls Place a phone call Placing a conference call * If Hangouts are disabled on your domain, you may still use training lessons for all other core Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, etc. * Updated! Admin Console Training The Admin Console is currently being updated to the new Material Design interface introduced by Google last year. All training lessons in the Admin Console have been updated to work with this new design. Learn more