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Which is better on Google+, a personal profile or a business page? This is a common question. If you own a business (as opposed to a professional practice) you will want a business page. Here's why:

Some day you may want to sell your business. If you do, the price you receive will align with the prospective buyer's perception of the present value of future income. Goodwill generates income, so business buyers want to buy goodwill. Goodwill associated with a person (think personal profiles) is not transferable unless the new owner hires that person. Goodwill associated with a business (think business pages) may be transferable without the prior owner. Any buyer with cash can buy assets and start a new business, but it takes time to create goodwill. The more transferable its goodwill is, the more your business is worth to an investor. Growing your business is not just about increasing sales. It's about reducing the risk associated with future cash flow by improving your business process. We suggest you hide reviews from your profile and request them on your business page instead.