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Google Keep has been around since 2013, and today, Keep has become a G Suite core service with Admin console controls and access in Google Docs

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Work is about gettering things done. Most people use a "to do" list to stay organized. Google Apps includes a task list that never worked very well. The good news is that Google now offers a long overdue and much better feature to replace your antiquated task list. It's called simply "Reminders". You may be familiar with Reminders if you've tried "Inbox" by Google on your phone. Reminders now works on both your mobile device and your big screen. Reminders are like events, except they roll over until you mark them "Done". Learn how to update Tasks to Reminders with just two clicks:

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One of the weak points in Google Apps has always been the task list (also known as a to-do list).

Google has finally improved on it's antiquated task list with it's new "Reminders", which are integrated with Calendar in a way that's a pleasure to use.

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We love Gmail, but Google is working on it's replacement, called "Inbox".

If you would like to try it out, consider using both apps in parallel.

You may use Gmail on desktop and Inbox on mobile for the best of both worlds.

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A project is any outcome that requires more than one action step. Most teams need project management. If your team is using Google Apps, Google Sites may be used as a simple project management tool.

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What is Google Cloud?


Google Cloud and G Suite are Google's business services. They are 100% web based solutions that help your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Easy to use and manage, they allow your team to work smarter and focus on people instead of technology.

You get integrated email, calendars, documents, spreadsheets, presence, chat, phone, video meetings, and access to your data with Google Search to help you find any message, contactfile or calendar event in seconds. Your spam free inbox can even prioritize your important messages for you automatically.

You get professional email, customized for your Company. Everyone gets an address like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so you can build your brand with customers and promote your website with every message.

This all-in-one solution organizes your business while saving time and money. Whether you're a team of one or one thousand, it's the best set of simple, powerful business tools available.


Why Google Cloud?


Google Cloud costs 20% to 70% less than Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Novell Groupwise or Lotus Notes. Migrating to Google Cloud is an easy way to boost efficiency and lower costs. Over five million businesses and 60% of the Fortune 100 have gone Google! Over 5,000 switch every day:

  • Be productive with any device
  • Be productive from anywhere
  • 24x7 email & phone support
  • No more software to install
  • No more software to patch
  • 100% web-based solution
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unified communication
  • Continuous innovation
  • Improve collaboration
  • Designed for teams
  • Control your inbox
  • Improve security
  • Get less spam
  • Get organized
  • Reduce costs


How do we start?


Getting started is easy. Click or call for simple, straight-forward answers to all your questions. Once you've decided to go Google, new businesses can start using Google Cloud & G Suite in about an hour. Businesses with up to 50 users can easily migrate over a weekend, and larger businesses generally migrate over a few weeks or months with a phased migration plan based on your business size, complexity, and legacy infrastructure. Start your free 30 day trial with easy-to-use integrated audiovisual training lessons today. You and your team will love Google Cloud!

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