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Instead of using a 2-Step Verification code to sign in to your G Suite account, you can tap a prompt that Google sends to your phone. This prompt is an easier and even more secure way of authenticating your account, and it respects mobile policies enforced on G Suite employee devices.

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As an administrator, would you like to be notified if Gmail rejects over 24 messages to a single recipient within one hour?

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Whether you love it or hate it, Google Hangouts has helped millions of people connect better.

Last year, Google Meet was released and today, Google Chat is going live.

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The classic Google Sites allowed web address mapping. When the new Google Sites launched, this feature was not available.

Until now:

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What kind of Google storage are you using for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos? If you're using Google for a business, the answer matters! G Suite (Basic, Business, and Enterprise) customers might not realize that there are two different kinds of storage available. Either way, Google definitely does not own your data.

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